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Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.


Planning Applications Approved 17 October 2017


Application No: PA\18\0048

Applicant: N Fitsialos

Location: 899 Oaks Road, OAKS (CT:136891/1)

Development: Extension to Single Dwelling & Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0049

Applicant: Cumulus Studio

Location: 13 Lonsdale Promenade, WESTBURY (CT's:213355/1 & 230110/1)

Development: Extension to Single Dwelling 


Application No: PA\18\0063

Applicant: Cummins Holdings P/L

Location: 260 Hagley Station Lane, HAGLEY (CT:111447/1)

Development: Change of Use to Visitor Accommodation



Planning Application Approved 13 October 2017


Application No: PA\18\0038

Applicant: N Fitsialos

Location: 169 South Mole Creek Road, MOLE CREEK (CT:211458/1)

Development: Residential Outbuildings (2)



Planning Applications Approved 10 October 2017


Application No: PA\17\0208

Applicant: Cohen & Associates P/L

Location: 8 Pateena Road, TRAVELLERS REST (CT:112696/1)

Development: Subdivision (3 Lots)


Application No: PA\18\0043  

Applicant: A Morewood

Location: 16 Lyall Street, WESTBURY (CT:160731/1)

Development: Partial change of use to Visitor Accommodation & Extension to Single Dwelling & Visitor Accommodation


Application No: PA\18\0054

Applicant: L Lathwell

Location: 64 McCulloch Drive, HADSPEN (CT:58107/64)

Development: Extension to Multiple Dwelling


Application No: PA\18\0055

Applicant: J Van Helfteren

Location: Land off Jones Street, CHUDLEIGH (CT:111683/3)

Development: Residential Outbuilding



Planning Applications Approved 3 October 2017


Application No: PA\18\0006

Applicant: Metier Planning and Development

Location: 12 Tamika Terrace, HADSPEN (CT:168133/36)

Development: Multiple Dwellings (2 units)


Application No: PA\18\0023 

Applicant: Cohen & Associates P/L

Location: 12 Shadforth Street, WESTBURY (CT:108079/2)

Development: Subdivision (4 lots)


Application No: PA\18\0041

Applicant: Cohen & Associates P/L

Location: 12 Franklin Street, WESTBURY (CT:197618/1)

Development: Subdivision (2 lots)


Application No: PA\18\0044 

Applicant: P & H Martini

Location: 1726 Bridgenorth Road, ROSEVALE (CT:9530/4)

Development: Extension to Single Dwelling & Residential Outbuilding



Planning Application Approved 2 October 2017


Application No: PA\18\0025

Applicant: Multiple Dwelling (6 units)

Location: 39 Parsonage Street, DELORAINE (CT:141403/3)

Development: Multiple Dwelling (6 units)



Planning Application Approved 28 September 2017


Application No: PA\18\0027

Applicant: Urban Design Solutions

Location: 19 Glenmore Drive, HADSPEN (CT:173311/77)

Development: Residential (Multiple Dwellings)



Planning Applications Approved 26 September 2017


Application No: PA\18\0021

Applicant: Loop Architecture

Location: 57 Parsonage Street, DELORAINE (CT:50616/1)

Development: Residential (Multiple Dwellings)


Application No: PA\18\0029

Applicant: M Eastwood

Location: 29 Gatenby Drive, WESTBURY (CT:171151/1)

Development: Manufactruing & Processing (foam processing facility -staged developments) 


Application No: PA\18\0033

Applicant: Theresa L Hatton - Building Design

Location: 28 Coopers Road, CHUDLEIGH (CT:14758/1)

Development: Residential Outbuilding 


Application No: PA\18\0035

Applicant: Leigh Adams

Location: 103A Blackstone Road, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT:165811/1)

Development: Extension to Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0039

Applicant: Gayle Plunkett

Location: 9 Quamby Court, DELORAINE (CT:61516/38)

Development: Single Dwelling 


Application No: PA\18\0042

Applicant: N Fitsialos

Location: 27 Panorama Road, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT:33261/9)

Development: Extension to SIngle Dwelling 


Application No: PA\18\0053

Applicant: Wilkin Design & Drafting

Location: 1171 Bogan Road, GOLDEN VALLEY (CT:39199/1)

Development: Extension to Single Dwelling and Residential Outbuilding 



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