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Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.


Planning Applications Approved 15 August 2017


Application No: PA\18\0011

Applicant: C & A Milne

Location: 21 Glenmore Drive, HADSPEN (CT:173311/78)

Development: Single Dwelling


Application No: PA\18\0024

Applicant: L Mitchell

Location: 238 Main Road, MEANDER (CT:6866/1)

Development: Rainwater Tank



Planning Applications Approved 8 August 2017


Application No: PA\17\0206

Applicant: D J MCCulloch Surveying

Location: 126 & 160 Oaks Road, CARRICK (CT's:40003/1 & 42/8955)

Development: Subdivision (2 lots to 4 lots)


Application No: PA\17\0217

Applicant: PDA Sureyors obo B & S Walker

Location: 69 King Street, WESTBURY (CT:240103/1)

Development: Subdivision (4 lots)


Application No: PA\17\0224

Applicant: Woolcott Surveys

Location: 493 Weetah Road, WEETAH (CT:26794/1)

Development: Subdivision (2 lots)


Application No: PA\17\0225

Applicant: Douglas Design & Drafting

Location: 6 Carlwood Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT:172170/11)

Development: Multiple Dwellings (2 Units)


Application No: PA\17\0235

Applicant: Cohen & Associates Pty Ltd

Location: 126 Mary Street, WESTBURY (CT:41319/1)

Development: Subdiivsion (2 Lots)


Application No: PA\18\0001

Applicant: L Vogt & J Herbert

Location: Priestleys Lane, BIRRALEE (CT:249943/2)

Development: Single dwelling


Application No: PA\18\0003

Applicant: G & C Cain

Location: 38 Meander Valley Road, CARRICK (CT:101518/9)

Development: Extension to Residential Outbuilding and Side Boundary Fence



Planning Application Approved 2 August 2017


Application No: PA\17\0141

Applicant: B Verbeeten

Location: 9 Lakeview Court, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT:27768/43)

Development: Single Dwelling and Residential Outbuilding



Planning Applications Approved 25 July 2017


Application No: PA\17\0230

Applicant: Prime Design

Location: 13513 Highland Lakes Road, GOLDEN VALLEY (CT:28259/1)

Development: Extension to Single Dwelling and Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\17\0229

Applicant: C Dunlop

Location: 103 Ritchie Street, WESTBURy (CT:172411/1)

Development: Single Dwelling and Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0002

Applicant: L Gorman

Location: 72 Jane Street, BRACKNELL (CT:158942/1)

Development: Single Dwelling and Residential Outbuilding



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