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Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.



Planning Applications Approved 12 December 2017


Application No: PA\18\0090

Applicant: G Kidd

Location: 830 Western Creek Road, WESTERN CREEK (CT's:206662/1 & 234402/1)

Development: Visitor Accommodation


Application No: PA\18\0094

Applicant: K Jones

Location: 152 Emu Bay Road, DELORAINE (CT:23669/6)

Development: Residential Outbuilding and demolition of Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0122

Applicant: M & W Gillespie

Location: 76 Morrison Street, KIMBERLEY (CT:86734/106)

Development: Visitor Accommodation



Planning Application Approved 5 December 2017


Application No: PA\18\0060

Applicant: J Lockett

Location: 36 Glenmore Drive, HADSPEN (CT:173311/70)

Development: Single Dwelling, Pool and Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0079  

Applicant: T Woodgate

Location: 69 Blackstone Road, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT:113929/104)

Development: Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0102

Applicant: E Munro

Location: 34 Pioneer Drive, MOLE CREEK (CT:171455/1)

Development: Change of use to Single Dwelling


Application No: PA\18\0103  

Applicant: DJ MCCulloch Surveying

Location: 36 Bayview Drive & 101 Panorma Road, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT's:31434/18 & 31434/17)

Development: Adjustment to a Boundary



Planning Applications Approved 28 November 2017


Application No: PA\18\0010

Applicant: Design to Live

Location: 10 Kate Reed Drive, PROSPECT VALE (CT:161889/147)

Development: Multiple Dwellings (2)


Application No: PA\18\0070 

Applicant: Design to Live

Location: 16 Charlies Lane, CARRICK (CT:173582/4)

Development: Single Dwelling and Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0072

Applicant: G Gavin

Location: 1/24 Bowdens Road, HADSPEN (CT:103108/1)

Development: Extension to Multiple Dwelling (carport & fence)


Application No: PA\18\0077

Applicant: K Dornauf

Location: 5 Gleneagles Way, PROSPECT VALE (CT:47371/20)

Development: Extension to Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0082

Applicant: B Vanderfeen

Location: 18 Warm Springs Road, KIMBERLEY (CT's:241878/1 & 26900/3)

Development: Residential Outbuildings x 2


Application No: PA\18\0088

Applicant: P Anderson

Location: 131 Cunninghams Road, WESTERN CREEK (CT:50123/2)

Development: Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0097

Applicant: K Cuthbertson

Location: 6 Montpelier Drive, PROSPECT VALE (CT:14819/25)

Development: Change of use to Visitor Accommodation within an existing dwelling



Planning Application Approved 27 November 2017


Application No: PA\18\0074

Applicant: My Build

Location: 401 Westbury Road, PROSPECT VALE (CT:154329/1)

Development: Service Industry (building and fence)



Planning Applications Approved 21 November 2017


Application No: PA\18\0075

Applicant: T & T McCarthy

Location: 23 Tamika Terrace, HADSPEN (CT:173311/51)

Development: Single Dwelling


Application No: PA\18\0080  

Applicant: N Dargan

Location: 21 Simmons Street, CARRICK (CT:110499/2)

Development: Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0083

Applicant: Metier Planning and Development

Location: 7 Donald Avenue, PROSPECT VALE (CT:145717/1)

Development: Extension to building (Manufacturing and Processing)



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