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Road Access - LOCAL (Municipal) Roads and Bridges

The public is advised of the following LOCAL road closures within the Meander Valley municipality:

  • Railton Road - traffic delays

    Sections of Railton Road will be subject to some minor traffic delays  (2-5 minutes) on Monday 26 June and Tuesday 27 June between the hours of 8:30am to 2:30pm. Road users are requested to abide by any traffic directions and installed signage.
  • Old Gads Hill Road, Lynds Creek -

    The road/bridge is damaged at Lynds Creek and other sections have been affected by landslip.  The road is closed until further notice.

Council apologises for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any queries regarding closed roads within the Meander Valley municipality, please contact Meander Valley Council on 03 6393 5300.

Road Access STATE & FORESTRY Roads and Bridges

The public is advised of the following STATE roadworks within the Meander Valley municipality:

  • Mersey Forest Road - Restricted access to Walls of Jerusalem National Park

    Although Mersey Forest Road is now open, work is being done on Fish River Bridge which restricts access by car to the normal car park for accessing the Walls of Jerusalem National Park.  A temporary car park and ford has been established so walkers can access the Park. 

  • Devils Gullet - road access remains closed until further notice.
  • Liffey Falls - access to the walking track via the upper car park and lower camping area is now open. 

For reference to all road closure notices for STATE and FORESTRY TASMANIA, click on the links below to access the respective websites:

TASMANIA POLICE ROAD CLOSURE ADVICE DURING AN EMERGENCY EVENT:  This site is kept updated during an emergency incident and can be accessed at

STATE ROAD CLOSURE ADVICE: The Department of State Growth has a list of closed State roads and bridges.  This list is regularly updated and can be accessed at

FORESTRY TASMANIA ROAD AND TRACK CLOSURE ADVICE: Forestry Tasmania has a list of road and track closures on Forestry land.  This list is regularly updated and can be accessed at


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